Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick thoughts on The Aggression Scale

So I watched The Aggression Scale last night and wanted to say a couple things. If you don't know what that movie is...its basically Home Alone if it were rated R. So kid sets traps and kills bad guys god intended.

I recommend it. It took half the movie to get going anywhere...but so did Home Alone so it's about on par as far as pacing goes. But come on...rated R!

Even with all that greatness...I wanted more. Don't get me wrong...what was presented was pretty satisfying and made sense within the universe this movie exists.

When I say I wanted more, I guess I just expected a few things. Like a booby trap montage. I was hoping to get teased with some trap building and then just witness the aftermath. But that didn't happen. What happened was pretty much just a kid going on the offensive against a group of assholes.

I was waiting for a more exploitative angle to this movie too. Right away when I saw the sister I was thinking, "she's getting raped in about 10 minutes." And they even set it up...she's cute, thin, doesn't know how to wear pants, and when the killers show up...she's in the shower. Naked and wet. Now, I don't need a rape scene, and they are overused and often times unnecessary but this movie could have benefited from a powerful revenge angle. Something for the audience to really hate these guys and enjoy they're eventual deaths all that much more.

It could've been so much more brutal too. I think only two guy's deaths were actually creative and insane...a number far too low for something like this. But those two deaths were almost worth it. Actually...they were.

I liked the cast. I liked the story. I liked how the kid just went into full on Rambo mode once the baddies showed up. In the end, I'd say this movie is a success by the pacing this movie put forth but it still left me wanting more.


  1. Hey Gable, you know what I did the moment I finished reading this? I immediately went onto youtube and searched for Home Alone with zombies. And there was actually an awesome enough dude to have made the collage that was in my head! Yeayuh!