Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre.

Oh yes...this is happening. If there isn't nudity in this movie, I'm going to be VERY PISSED OFF.

Oh wait, there's a shitload of nudity. If you check out the official website, you can flip through production stills and there's lots and lots and lots and lots of boobs. LOTS OF THEM! 60% of them not all that great. But what can you expect from a really underbudget flick like this one? I'm thankful there's a couple of chicks in this thing that have nice bodies.

As of right now Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre doesn't have an official trailer or a synopsis...but I very highly doubt we need an official synopsis to figure out what this movie is all about. Titties...and zombies. There is, however, a quick behind-the-scene's type trailer they put together...

Can you believe this movie is FIVE YEARS in the making. That's fucking amazing. That casting couch HAS to be crusted over by now. Whoever is making this is my new hero. (Dearest Fiance...if you are reading this, please disregard last statement...and most of the shit I say on this blog!)

And one last thing before I go...

Norma Stitz Clip from NUDIST CAMP ZOMBIE MASSACRE from Tim Davis on Vimeo.

HOLY SHIT! HA HAHAHAHA Dammit this movie is gonna be FUCKING AWESOME!


  1. Fuck. FUCK. F U C K!!!!

    THIS is the movie i want to make!!!
    Fuck a synopsis. Fuck storylines. Or dialogue!!!
    Give me naked bitches running from ZOMBIES.

    N O W!!!

    I'm soooo their website now.... where's the goddamn release date?

  2. IMDb has it listed as Post-Production. Which I'm really hoping for because this fucking movie NEEDS to be seen.

  3. I will have a house load of naked people and watch the shit out of this. It will be like the sequel for the Naked Massacre Night I did where we watched all of the Slumber Party, Sorority House, and Cheerleader Massacre movies, you guessed it. Naked.
    Thanks for the heads up to what I'm sure will become a modern masterpiece.

  4. G&G...that's the most amazing story I've heard all day. I hope Naked Massacre Night Part 2: Silent Night Naked Night is as successful! With this movie it HAS to be.

  5. Best sequel name since Electric Boogaloo by the way.

  6. My friends swear that every sequel should have the tagline "Texas Blood Money".