Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I just found the greatest worst movie you'll be watching this Christmas: Elf Man

Why the greatest? Jeffrey Combs is in it. (That guy can make a turd shine baby!) And why the worst? Well, this trailer pretty much speaks for itself.

Start stocking up on Eggnog now. You're gonna need it.


  1. Yo Gable, I've just found evidence of a movie that's possibly badder than this one! A friend told me about a German movie they saw a while ago that completely changed its plot halfway through the movie-there was a plot concerning a kidnapped kid, and the movie forgot all about it, and two of the characters who started off as a married couple somehow changed to be brother and sister! hahaha! The friend doesn't remember what the film is called, but believe you me, I'll be hunting this movie down! If I found Crackdown Mission, then I can find this!

  2. That's probably the best selljob anyone has ever given me. Let me know if you figure it out, I'd love to watch it!

  3. Ah, Christmas in summer. It doesn't happen so much to me anymore but I used to sing Christmas songs all the time during summer. Probably from left over prenatal abuse from my mom most likely listening to Christmas songs during the summer I was born in an attempt to think cool thoughts or some such. My mom's a dumbass.