Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mr. Gable is coming back! ... sort of ...

Hey guys! Haven't posted (legitimately) in awhile.  A long while. I miss this place. It was calm, cool, and fun to talk shit movies with the internet. I do miss it but you know, life catches up and it's hard to make time for these things. Some day I'll pick up where I left Hoff, but until then I've gone mobile.

So I've had a smartphone for awhile now and until last night I never even thought to see if there was a tumblr app. (IDIOT!) and I'm always finding awesome movies but I just never have time to write out a post and upload pictures, blah blah blah. But now I'll just to able to easily share it from my phone to my Tumblr and you can all keep up with the badness!

Go there now, follow me, and embrace the bad! I'm back baby!


(And I'll connect it to facebook and Twitter too so it'll show up there too for all you folks not on Tumblr)