Short Stories

Below you will find short stories written by me. They mostly deal with horror and science fiction. So if you're not into that kind of thing GTFO. Otherwise please choose a story below and enjoy! I'm all about getting feedback and improving myself so please leave some feedback, it'd be much appreciated.

The stories at the top are the newest...and hopefully the best.

Zombie Santa Must Die! Parts 1 & 2: Santa is a zombie! And he's been very naughty. Survivor Fay and her band of loyal followers are on the hunt for the source of the zombie apocalypse...the big man himself. It's clash of the titans when Fay meets the REAL Santa Claus because...Zombie Santa Must Die!
Zombie Santa Must Die! Part 3
Zombie Santa Must Die! Part 4
Zombie Santa Must Die! Part 5
Zombie Santa Must Die! Part 6 & 7

COMIC! Zombocalypse! - Just a stupid stupid comic. Poorly written and drawn by yours truly.

Tuesdays Suck: Part 1 - soon to be published in the upcoming Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features Anthology book! Read part 1 here!

Dyal Tone - Dennis got a new job and his life is about to change forever. Whether its for the good is yet to be determined. Does he have what it takes to get through the first day?

All Work and No Play - You work hard and you can achieve anything...right? David thought so. That was until he was cheated out of a promotion he so intently thought he deserved.

Opposites Attract - It's crazy what cats do when you're not around isn't it? They always seem to see things that aren't there...but maybe there is something there. And what happens when what they see becomes a reality?

Freebird - Time is a valuable commodity for Phillip Haywood. He cherishes it more than anything...and for good reason. One night he is stuck working late and he learns that at some point, everyone's time is up.