Monday, February 27, 2012

You voted! You're next contestant for the Bad Movie Battle Royale!

Last week you voted for your favorite to entire the Iron Cage at the Bad Movie Battle Royale 2012 and here is the results:

The Top 2 leaders were Robowar and Yor: The Hunter From the Future with 7 votes each. After considering what to do about a tie I just gave up and decided that they are both worthy of a shot at the title for Supremely Bad Movie. Since I already have reviewed Robowar, I made a character for him. Look out soon for the Yor review and his eventual creation. Thanks to all who voted and we're this much closer to the Bad Movie Battle Royale!

Description, strategy, and finishing move to follow in the next list of combatants.


  1. Sweet. I'm glad they're both going to be in the running.

  2. : D Can't wait for Yor's character!