Friday, February 17, 2012

Vote for YOUR favorite to enter the Bad Movie Battle Royale!

The Poll is up! Look over to the upper right of this blog and you'll see it. These are the choices YOU wanted to see in Royale. The response was quite awesome and I really want to thank everyone who participated. This year will be epic.

If it comes down to a tie, I'll leave it up to the wheel of destiny to decide. (That thing I used for Roulette last October) Hell, there might even be one or two of these that'll make it in anyway. Just because they deserve it.

Now vote! And feel free to vote for more than one if you'd like, there's a lot of greatness over there...far too much to pick just one. (You have until 7 pm Central time next Friday (2/24) to decide)


  1. Gable, you are a monster for having so many great choices! haha! Have you subjected yourself to watching We are the Strange yet? That movie is one insne clusterfuck that has left many brave critics into gibbering messes of insanity who'd be cheered up by the coming of Cthulhu and the Old Ones! haha!

  2. Man, you really know how to sell me a movie! HAHAHA

    Have not watched it yet. Haven't really watched much lately for that matter...I need to get on these things.

  3. I know! Vote for both! And for the time being...they're both winning! HAHAHA Nobody can resist the Reb. The Rebbing will be awesome.