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This whole blogging thing continues to surprise me day after day after day. Earlier this week, I was sought out, emailed, and asked to view and review a movie. It’s a fairly standard practice amongst reviewers…but this is ME we’re talking about. I had always hoped that things like this would happen and it would appear that they are…happening. I had always hoped that it WOULD happen so I could share a bit of myself…and a bit of my way of thinking about these kinds of things.

I give a lot of movies a lot of shit here and most of them rightly deserve it. But at the same time I am a massive independent film, book, website, EVERYTHING supporter. Independence is the final frontier for absolutely original, creative, and uncensored material. If we didn’t have it, we wouldn’t have anything. We need it…whether we like to admit it or not. So when it comes to this kind of a review…I do not take it lightly. I hate to be serious…and it probably won’t be entirely serious…but I will be fair with it. Somebody asked ME to review THEIR film and I will show that person the respect that they deserve. I know they put a lot of work into their work and I don’t see any use in ripping on it if it’s terrible. I’m more about constructive criticism (not that this movie is bad…I’m just generalizing).

That being said. Let’s fucking review Contact.

Actions speak louder than words. If there ever was a way to describe this movie…that would be it. At a total running time of about 10 minutes…there’s only a few words worth of dialogue. This movie is about the atmosphere, the actions, the reactions, and the emotions portrayed and felt by the audience. Very stylish.

I’m sure you know the type of movie I’m talking about. There’s random shots of candles and dinner plates and the dog barking, etc. But it’s these things that makes up the bigger picture. Not only is it a great transition but also a great way to focus our thoughts and feelings. A candle is warm and pleasant…but then the sequence following the candle ends up not so pleasant. This movie pulls you one way, then jump kicks you into another.

Anyway…the general plot. This movie is mostly about drugs. We open with an older couple…not elderly…just older…and they’re setting the table waiting for someone. Then we cutscene to a happy couple frolicking in the ghetto. They get some drugs and go to a place to do them. They get naked…do the drugs…and shit gets real. Actually…the woman hallucinates. And all I gotta say about that scene is…YES! It was all kinds of awesome. Love it! And then the movie comes full circle in the dining room of the older couple again…and I’m left a little confused.

The ending is about what I would expect from a film like this…I never seem to get it. My mind is usually pretty shallow and I have a hard time with depth…hence why I love shitty movies so much. I kinda get it and understand it…but it’s the things that are NOT told that the audience is left to figure out on their own. I think the woman went to rehab and left her drug partner and is trying to get her life back on track. But that’s me. I’m not always right on these things…but that’s what I walked away with.

Other things I would have done a little differently…during the intense nasty scene…the soundtrack sounded like I was playing a video game from the 80’s. Maybe there was some symbolism there…but I was laughing cuz I could swore this movie just turned into a twisted NES game.

And this movie uses…the shaky cam. It’s the popular style of this day and age. I like it to a certain extent but not all the time. I understand what the director is doing here…using techniques of other successful filmmakers instead of trying something different. Not a bad thing…and honestly…this short film got the director a REAL MAN movie gig directing TOM FUCKING SAVINI so I can’t argue that it didn’t work but…Dolph Lundgren also directs the exact same way…just sayin.

All and all…it’s worth your time. It’s pretty moving if you’re into that kind of thing. I think this director has a place in horror and could blossom into something great. I suggest taking it back, not worrying about what other people will think about your work...and just be yourself. Sam Raimi didn’t give a fuck about directing techniques and look where he is.

Actually…that suggestion is probably what will get you NOWHERE in the world of filmmaking today…but from a viewer’s perspective: I love a movie that does what it does because somebody had a lot of passion about it. Regardless of how good or bad it is. Troll 2: Shitty movie…but I absolutely ADORE how much work they put into it and how much they actually thought it was a good movie.

Alright, I just pulled the Troll 2 card, this review is over…

Jeremiah Kipp's The Sadist starring Tom Savini is currently in post production. You can view the trailer here. And while your at Contact here.

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