Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Demonic Toys 2 (2010)

Well it's about fucking time we got a Demonic Toys 2. The first Demonic Toys was so full of amazingness that I am absolutely SHOCKED it took this long to make a sequel. (Not counting Dollman vs Demonic Toys and Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys but a true straight up SEQUEL to Demonic Toys)

The original takes place in a warehouse full of toys...that get possessed by demons...demonic toys...crazy one liners...90 minutes of sweet toy murdering action. The original is amazing in my opinion and very worthy of the Full Moon brand name. It is one of a select few titles that are almost always recommended when somebody comes to you and asks...Full Moon, huh? Where should I start? Demonic. Toys.

But can part 2 stand up to the original?

Yes. Yes it fucking can.

The story goes basically like this: Group meets up at a castle to investigate a new toy. Dr. Lorca, a collector of oddities, is in search of his latest greatest toy for his collection. The oldest toy ever made. Well this toy happens to be demons. So this toy gets loose and reanimates Baby Oopsie Daisy and Jack in the Box from the original Demonic Toys...which Lorca had recently acquired during the opening credits of the movie. And from there its a miles long race full of murder, mystery, an evil plot to steal the ancient toy, ONE FANTASTICALLY GREAT BABY OOPSIE DAISY ONE LINER AFTER ANOTHER, and demons. Fucking demons.

I honestly felt like I was back in the 90's watching this sequel. The story was classic Full Moon. There were recurring characters from OTHER Full Moon movies in this film. (Dr. Lorca from Hideous! RETURNS!) The plot progressed at about the same speed as its original...kinda slow in the beginning but it fucking kicked ASS the longer it went. The setting/mood/lighting/music/effects/EVERYTHING felt like 90s Full Moon. God how I loved it.

I didn't think they could do it...but they did. Somehow they made this movie almost 2 decades after the original and (CGI aside) made it seem as if it takes place right after the original. Thank you Full Moon. Please do this again...with Bad Channels! (And Dollman)

The effects were great. Mostly puppets...but I was actually quite surprised at the frequent use of CGI in this movie. It brought it down a little bit...but just a little bit. There were a couple scenes where it made some those scenes shown in the trailer. Otherwise the use of CGI is mostly to enhance the ridiculousness of the kills. (extra blood, know what I mean?)

I definitely recommend the Full Moon fan. (just your casual observer probably won't appreciate it as much) Demonic Toys 2 is classic Full Moon and it just PROVES that the company is on the rebound. The new era of Full Moon is picking up steam, you'd be best to hop on the train before it speeds away, leaving you in the dust.

You can find the original on Netflix Instant and Demonic Toys 2 is available to rent on DVD. Or you can buy it from Full Moon Direct. or Amazon.


  1. That IS pretty remarkable to be able to keep the same feel and style so long after the original.

    The CGI does at least look well used. What pisses me off the most about CGI is when it's used unnecessarily or flat out poorly (i.e. Matrix 2, Spiderman 2). When I see CGI in a movie I want it to AT LEAST look better than the video game release.

  2. This movie was killer! I agree, for being made so long after the first movie and being in such a different setting and using CGI, it still feels like it fits right in. I actually watched this after I watched Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys, and it was nice to see the Demonic Toys actually acting like themselves again. However, I really did miss Grizzly Teddy, so Demonic Toys 2 loses some points for leaving him out.

  3. Thank you MD, I forgot to mention that. I was a little upset about the lack of Teddy in this movie. I think there was a scene where they kind of showed a quick glimpse of him but that was it.

    Vincent: I agree with CGI. I fucking hate it. I was actually quite surprised to see it in this movie. It's not the greatest but its far better than it deserves to be.