Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dinocroc vs Supergator (THERE'S JUST NO END!)

To quote Dread Central:
"Whoever Wins...Practical Effects lose."


Scientist Jason Drake has been holed up deep within a secret island laboratory of an unscrupulous biotech corporation. Doing what? Meddling with the laws of nature, of course! When he turns his attention from mutating fruits and vegetables to alligators, crocodiles and dinosaurs, something's bound to grow to horrific proportions -- and escape! Now, two of his most terrifying creations are loose on a tropical island paradise. Bullets won't stop them. Explosives only tick them off. And their ravenous appetite for scientists, tourists, mercenaries and swimsuit models keeps growing.

In pursuit of the scaly beasts are an undercover investigator, a sexy Fish & Game officer, and a cold-blooded swamp hunter known only as "The Cajun". But how can they stop two forces of perverted science that can outrun SUVs, crush buses, and snack on sleazy producers in hot tubs? When these monster lizards ultimately meet in battle, will mankind be the defeated species? Get ready for a bone-crunching, body-chomping, earth-trembling battle to the death!

I really didn't want to post this today. But because of a lack of time, it's happening. And this also has a few things going for it. One: This is a Roger Corman movie. You know you're in for some awesome shit right there. I see that h is trying to cash in on the Asylum craze of giant ridiculous monster SyFy movies. (Been doing it for a couple years now, actually) And good for him. This actually doesn't look too rips off a lot of Jurassic Park 3. But that's ok. I'll enjoy it.

The most noteworthy thing here is David Carradine. This is one of his final performances...and that alone is probably enough to get a few people to watch it. And the OTHER fact that it's a couple of giant lizards beating the shit out of each other.

There'd better be a clear cut winner. I fucking hate when they don't finish what they start.

We'll see. I'm getting kind of tired of these giant shitty-CGI animals VERSUSING each other all the time. Maybe someone could do something different and try DIFFERENT animals. Maybe Ultra Poodle vs. Mammoth Mongoose. Something INTERESTING. It's always giant lizard this vs mega shark that. Let's really fuck it up.

But in the end, this is a Roger Corman movie. And I will watch it. It'll have at least one or two scenes worth watching.


  1. I always love seeing people getting snapped up like gummi-treats! Mmm... gummi-treats : P~~~

  2. I'm rooting for Dinocroc, he's a real stand-up guy. Get it? "Stand-up"? Ah, bad movies and bad jokes.