Friday, May 6, 2011


This is something I've been meaning to do for a long I'm just gonna go ahead and do it. It isn't just me out there blogging about amazing things. When I first started blogging....I had no idea the amount of AWESOME that was in store for me. HOLY SHIT! You guys are way more awesome than I am. I just use CAPS and !!!!!!! all the time. You guys actually are smart and professional with your blogs. So I will take the time (from time to time) to recognize you here. But since there's so many of you out there, I'll hit two birds with one stone.

Everybody needs to check out this place. If you are a fan of action and bad movies, THIS is your home. While I tend to lean more towards killer eyes and killer tires, Matt over at DTV spends his time chronicling the actions of Steven Seagal, Gary Daniels, Eric Roberts, and Cynthia Rothrock. His reviews are always amazing and chock full of insight and pictures. He's been doing this for YEARS so his library of reviews is very extensive. It's because of this guy that I became aware of TWO Billy Blanks/Roddy Piper movies. FUCKING TWO. (Not to mention a boatload of Gary Daniels movies I never knew existed). And it just isn't strictly action movies, from time to time he slips into horror or whatever. If it's Direct to Video, it's on the Direct to Video Connoisseur!

(Also thank you for teaching me how to spell connoisseur.)

Stacia over at She Blogged by Night has such a cooler blog than I do. Stacia pretty much lives in the 50s and 60s. She posts A LOT of pictures...which is fortunate for me since I have rarely a clue what she is talking about. (I'm getting better) I only know of a handful of actors from that time and probably the same amount of movies from that time. She does these gorgeous pictorial exposes of actors and actresses constantly. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and all things history (when it comes to cinema) so She Blogged by Night is perfect for that. I'd like to thank her for schooling me day in and day out on all kinds of amazing treasures that I assuredly would never find. It's nice to see someone has forgotten our roots.

And a personal thank you for being one of the first followers to my blog and for your support.

Now for the rest of you, follow these people. They're awesome!


  1. Such kind words, Mr G, thanks! I don't know anything about most of what you blog about, either. We're teaching each other, seriously.

    Btw, I'll let Vincent tell you about "C.H.U.D." We finally watched it last night.

  2. hahahaha Oh CHUD. I have mixed feelings on it....but that was from a few years ago. I should rewatch it again.

    Now if you want zany slapstick horror comedy...C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the Chud it where its at.

  3. Yeah, C.H.U.D. had potential. Had a very Maniac Cop feel to it with some hints of Terminator in the soundtrack. Here's what I think shoulda happened.

    The moment the police captain managed to sneak guys down into the sewers with flame throwers (FLAME THROWERS IN THE SEWERS, WHERE THERE'S POO GAS!!!) the movie should've completely lost its shit. Kinda like what happened in the first 30 seconds of Re-Animator. Get completely out of control and never look back. There shoulda been flaming CHUDs running around, A LOT more dismemberments, five square blocks of the sewers erupting in flames, the guy that worked at the homeless shelter sacrificing himself for the greater good and the photographer getting hospitalized. Oh yeah, and a bigger scene with the model/girlfriend with the sword, hacking up CHUDs. All in all, it should've had a much more apocalyptic ending, similar to Quatermass And The Pit or some shit.

  4. Haha, oh Vincent, so passionate. I agree about the flame throwers in the sewers bit, because that whole movie kept foreshadowing BIG BIG BOOM, then all we got was some ice cream truck blowing up or something.

    Also, I'm not a scientist or anything, but I think once a CHUD comes above ground he's really a CHAD.

  5. YES! That is amazing. I agree completely. More explosions and missing limbs is a good thing.