Tuesday, May 31, 2011

THANKSKILLING 2 needs our help!

Whip out your wallets, we need to make this happen!

Thankskilling 2 needs our help. If you haven't seen the first one, you need to go to Netflix Instant and watch that shit immediately. It's the greatest Thankgiving movie ever made. It's funny, its cliche, its GOBBLE GOBBLE MOTHERFUCKER!

They promised a sequel in outer space at the end of the first one...I hope to fuck that is what they want to do here. Actually, it doesn't matter. I just need more jive-talking, face ripped-off wearing, psycho turkey!

They're asking for $100,000 budget from us. It looks like they really want to do this thing right this time. Not that what they did last time was wrong...but from a filmmaking standpoint its going to cost a little more. They are raising funds via KICKSTARTER, a fundraising website popular with movie makers nowadays. Go there now and donate something. If you donate $5, the turkey will rip on you in the DVD special features! THAT'S WORTH IT!

Check out this AMAZING video pitch for this movie. Even though it doesn't say anything, you get an idea about the awesomeness that is about to transpire.

Fuck yes. Mecha-Turkey.

Check out the Kickstarter page for a long winded article about how awesome the first Thankskilling is and what they want to do with the sequel.

Gobble Gobble Motherfuckers!

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  1. Is this thing on? How do I look? How's my hair?

    Thankskilling is a classic, these guys are super funny, this vid is proof of that. Mecha-turkey? Werewolves? I'm in. Even if there isn't a mecha-turkey or werewolves, I'm in.