Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm taking next week Hoff.

David Hasselhoff. A man among guys. He is what we all wish we were. That guy. Everyone knows him but mostly from his internet memes and alcohol enduced headlines. Not me. I remember him as Spongebob's surfboard but mostly from his movies...those movies that barely exist. And next week I plan to celebrate them with 5 full days of the Hoff, THE BIG WEEK HOFF!

There is no doubt that The Hoff has made some sort of impact on our lives. Allow me to show you just how great he is. Until then...


  1. So are you gonna try stuff like Withcery and Bailout (aka, W.B., Blue and The Bean)? The latter is like havng kidney stones, from what I've heard! haha! (And as for Witchery, it's also known as La Casa 4, Ghosthouse 2, and Evil Dead 4! haha!)

  2. The pectoral launch scene from the Spongebob movie has been forever burned into my brain as one of the greatest moments in cinematic history! In short, bring on the Hoff! Can't wait : D