Monday, November 15, 2010

SHORT STORY: Tuesdays Suck: Part 1 (written for you, by you!)

Last Friday I had a post looking for some inspiration. I started this blog because I wanted to do some writing and share it all with you but instead I've been dragging my feet sharing many trailers for fantastically awful movies. That was actually a lot of fun, but this week I'm stepping back into the Roots of Reality and I'm going to write a story for you. The most Astoundingly Terrible story I have ever written! Here is Part 1. How many parts are there? I have no fucking clue. I seriously just started and finished this part within the last hour. Where it'll go from here is a mystery to even myself but we will soon see what happens. It should be interesting.

So here it is, written for you, by you. Thank you, Reality Readers, for your support and...for reading. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesdays Suck
Part 1: Introductions

Tuesday. I fucking hate Tuesday. Most people either hate Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays...but me, I hate Tuesday with a passion. I work at the Nakatomi Towers in L.A. on the 15th the call center. Ugh, how I loath my job. Its not just a call center, we also serve as an emergency back up for the police because for some reason there’s constant terrorism in this town and 911 never learns to hire on more people. So we get the calls. And for one reason or another, Tuesday is the worst. That day throws off the entire god damn week. Monday of all days is a blessing by comparison. Its usually slow and boring. But Tuesday! Tuesday is the day that I need to finish ALL of my “non-phone” work. The paperwork, weekly reports, all that bullshit the day managers peruse over everyday.

But it was last Tuesday that was the worst. We were swamped with calls, I was up to my neck with “non-phone” work, my manager was on my ass about shit that really doesn’t matter, and then the damnedest thing happened...

22 years ago there was a terrorist attack on this building and last Tuesday it happened again. Except this wasn’t human.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outside, the air was cold and frigid. Man once harnessed its power and profited from it. They called it a Frigidaire. A fitting name. Inside, Janey sat warmly at her desk. One of the hundreds of desks that were gridded out over the entire 15th floor. Fortunately for her, her desk was positioned near a window. Which for anyone familiar with a cubicle or an office knows that a desk with a window is as precious as your grandmother’s wedding ring. You’ll do anything to get it and you’ll kill anyone to protect it. The precious.

“911 dispatch, what is your emergency?” Janey leaned back in her cheap plastic computer chair. She had back issues and could probably request a new one, god knows this call center had some money, but she refused to do so in the fear of a giant red flag sticking out of her head saying “Watch this one, she’s needy.” She pushed these thoughts from her mind and used her feet to launch her rolling chair away from her corner desk all the while listening to some lady complain about her son’s broken leg. Her chair stopped outside the barrier of her cubicle wall, far enough to catch a glimpse of the winter wonderland that was Los Angeles. Although the weather reports made it abundantly clear that there was going to be NO SNOW today, it was coming down hard. Big fat snowflakes bombarded the city, covering it in thick white blankets inch by inch.

“Son of a bitch,” Janey muttered to herself.
“What did you just say!? My son needs serious medical attention here!” replied the voice on the other end of the phone line.
“Oh geez, lady. I’m sorry. I’m sending an ambulance out to you now. Just sit tight, they’ll be there within the hour.”
“WITHIN THE HOU-” Janey set down the receiver before that bitch on the other line could finish her thought. She’d had enough. Tuesdays suck.

Janey leaned back in her chair again. This time she did not launch herself into the open to witness the terror that is winter yet again but instead she placed her hands over her head, closed her eyes, and breathed in deeply. Her phone rang, the lights on the lines lit up like a Christmas tree. She didn’t care, she had decided that she was just going to sit like this until Tuesday was over.

Or until the building exploded.


Coming soon to an internet near you!

That is correct, this story...which is actually a 6 part story...was written for this blog as kind of an experiment in writing. And it turned out better than I could have imagined. And it happened that the above book was being compiled and there was a call for submissions so I submitted it...and it was accepted! So if you enjoyed this part, look forward to the rest of the story in this book!

Details to follow...


  1. I like it ... let the horror begin

  2. Solid intro, dude. I'm glad to see you're ahead of schedule. That's a good sign : )