Thursday, November 11, 2010

New BIO-SLIME Trailer! I CONTAGION Trailer!

Check out this little gem I just came across yesterday. I know it looks kinda goofy but just wait until you see the trailer. This is gonna be AWESOME!

This movie was originally titled Bio-Slime but as of yesterday it was changed to "Contagion". Now, I know there's statistics and people whose sole purpose is to make sure a movie's title draws an audience...but I really liked Bio-Slime. Contagion reminds me of Day of the Dead 2. And nobody wants to remember that. Supposedly, Contagion is supposed to work out better internationally. I guess we'll find out.

Actual Japanese poster, taken from the director's official website. Works for me!

So what's Contagion about? Before I actually go find out, I'm gonna take a blind stab at it. Some people are working on a project...maybe in space...when suddenly things go awry and their project, "Bio-Slime" is released and it roams the area turning people into amazingly horrible creatures.

Here's what IMDb has to say,
"Trapped in a room with only one door and no windows. Their cell phones do not work and no one outside of the building can hear their calls for help. The group of seven people is under siege as the shape shifting creature tries to seep inside. They are picked off one by one until it is obvious that they cannot out wait this predator. A plan is hatched to retrieve the case that the creature came in to see if it holds any clue to control it or destroy it. When they finally do get the case the creature breaks through the room's barriers and they have to run a macabre gauntlet through the building to the outside world"
Ah son of a bitch. This movie is gonna be more original than I thought. Wow. Way to go Bio-Sl....Contagion. Now I'm pretty excited about it, are you? I like movies that take place in small areas. I think its great that there are SEVEN possible mutants in this movie. That should make for great pacing and gore.

Alright, time to quit fucking around. Let's get to the trailer. Trust me, it looks really good.

Holy shit. That was better the second time...


  1. Okay, so while I was adding Bio-Slime to my Netflix queue (it's only a "save" movie so don't get excited) I noticed another movie called Blood Gnome (instant watch!) and I thought, "Well, dang. Just the title alone is gonna be right up Gable's alley."

    Go to it, man!

  2. Oh man I'm all kinds of all about this one! Tentacles! Boobies! Blood! What else is there? A bummer about the name though... Contagion is way too generic, there have already been several movies with that name. Bio-Slime was unique and way cooler. Oh well, can't have it all.