Friday, November 5, 2010

Ninjas vs Vampires: Trailer is HERE!!

I had posted about this awhile back and I'll be damned if the Executive Producer, Daniel Ross, didn't read it. Because just a couple days ago he emailed me with an updated trailer! That's fucking awesome! Mr. Gable's Reality is spreading like a virus, first Ninjas vs Vampires, next THE WORLD!

The Trailer:

Looks to be a lot of fun. The little bit of humor they did show in the trailer didn't seem too overdone so hopefully the rest of the movie is like that. I'll be watching it, that's for sure.

Zombies vs Vampires just got done with their world premiere over Halloween and I can only assume DVD is right around the corner. I'm gonna rent the shit out of it.

I still need to see the original, (yes NvsV is a sequel) Ninjas vs Zombies. I had it from Netflix for awhile but I had to return it for some Halloween movies but its back in the queue and ready for rentin'.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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  1. I wouldn't describe your blog as a virus. More of an "itis" :)