Monday, November 1, 2010

Dread Central presents: The Bad Cookie

If you are familiar with Dread Central then you probably already know about this. The Bad Cookie is a short film that they were hyping up over the past few weeks. Basically, a killer Halloween cookie. How could you go wrong? Well my friends, you can. First off...

This is all I see when I look at that cookie.

Second...for a seven minute video it takes SIX minutes to get anywhere. I know this is pretty standard practice for horror movies...waiting until the last 10th of the movie to do anything awesome but COME ON! Well, let me show you what I mean...

The Bad Cookie - Short Film
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Eh, that was alright, right? Did anyone else shit their pants with joy? Like, is the front of your pants sticky right now cuz of how awesome that was? If you're like me then no, it's not. So I will redeem this masterpiece of crap.

I was going to cut out the Charles Band for awhile know...I force fed it into all of you, but you know what, fuck it. This needs to happen.

Let me show you how a really bad cookie does things:

AH Hahahaha that's fucking awesome! That's how you do it! Fuck em and stab em!

Oh man, I love blogging.


  1. See, there's a reason one keeps coming back to Chuck Band and that's because the man knows what he's doing.

    If you're going to make a film about a killer pastry you can't be subtle and sarcastic about it. You need to give the audience what they want and go around with a big knife, nailing bitches from behind!

  2. I could never have said it better my friend.

  3. I nearly shit my pants with the dinosaurs comparison. So perfect. Too bad the film didn't turn out better. It needed more frying pan to the dad dinosaurs face I guess.