Monday, January 30, 2012

We need to pay attention to THE PANDORA EXPERIMENT

Tooling around the internet and I see this thing and go in for a closer look:
It's New Years Eve and five hot party girls are tearing it up on the Las Vegas Strip . The night goes horribly wrong when they steal a car, take a wrong turn and find themselves trapped.
They get kidnapped and held against their will in a underground research facility. Held captive, these beauties are used as guinea pigs in a diabolical plan. Can the girls escape the crazed scientists who want to use them as human lab rats in THE PANDORA EXPERIMENT?

Who will escape and who will die? Will any of them survive to tell the world about the deadly genetic mutants the lab has created? If the creatures get out, will the entire world be in grave peril? Can anything save us from mutant creatures of The PANDORA EXPERIMENT?

Whoa. Hot Party Girls. Las Vegas. Wrong Turn. Research Facility. Crazed Scientist. GENETIC MUTANTS!?

Oh wait there's more:

Directed by Mike L. Taylor, stars Noah Hathaway, Rachel Federoff, Michael Dorn, Destin Pfaff, Dave Fearless, Yasmine Yenganeh, Diana Terranova, Christine Nguyen, Jennifer Wenger, Bruna Rubio, Jon Mack, Tammy Klein, Rileah Vanderbilt, Robert Rhine, and Jenny Lin

Holy shit! WORF is in a movie with hot chicks in Vegas fighting mutants! YES! (And if you don't know, Noah Hathaway is the kid that played Atreyu in The Neverending Story. He was also in the first Troll movie) I hope a trailer comes soon because I'm hooked.

Check out their facebook page to check out other sexy pictures and to keep up to date with production.


  1. The Philadelphia Experiment, The Idaho Transfer, The Aurora Encounter and a fourth one that I can't remember (but have probably got written down somewhere). Those are the four 'state-advective title'/'strange word-adjective title' duologies/quadrilogy that I know! Yeah, that's a really random picking seeing as how those four movies have nothing in common, but they all have something in common other than the Robert Ludlum titles. I'm pretty sure that all four got 1 star in my local tv guide! haha!

  2. I LIVE for 1 star ratings. HAHAHAHA

  3. Anytime I seen the name Michael Dorn on anything I'm sold. I just realized I've only reviewed 4 of his movies, which is pretty poor on my part. I need to rectify that.