Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mr. Gable's Reality is DOOM'D!! (and so are you)

Introducing a new year of Mr. Gable. Introducing a new "vision" for my reality. Introducing the

D.ays O.f O.ur M.ayan D.estiny!

WE ARE ALL DOOM'D!! ALL OF US!! 2012 has finally arrived and it's time for all of us to tuck our necks betwixt our legs and kiss are flaming sphincters goodbye!

In honor of our demise, Mr. Gable's Reality will be celebrating ALL YEAR by reviewing:
  • Post Apocalypse movies
  • Post-Nuke movies
  • Giant Monster movies
  • Alien Invasion movies
  • Disaster movies
  • and anything demonstrating just how many amazing ways we are going to die! (Look for the post title "DOOM'D" at the beginning of my reviews this year and you'll discover a new and erotic way to die!)
All of this will tie into the 2012 Bad Movie Battle Royale, the October 31 Baddest Days of Halloween countdown, (bad movie gods willing: a fucking podcast), and of course this will lead into a very special, almost brutal, December 21, 2012 celebration of our inevitable destruction! (to be announced later this year)

Join me this year as we countdown our final days together in the greatest way possible:



  1. Oh yeah!!!

    Tell me you've seen Godzilla Final Wars, that is just THE most packed thing of pure EXTREME BALLS TO THE WALL PURE ADRENALINE action!!!!!!!!!! ...And Minilla is the most adorable thing in the universe!

  2. Anger and destruction junkies UNITE!! We all gonna DIIIIEE, bitches!

  3. Chris - I HAVE seen Final Wars but that is a subject that is going to have a very special place here in the Reality. I can't wait!

    Vincent - HAHAHA YES! That's what I'm talkin' about, the end is nigh...let's get wasted and do all the things we never could before.

    Laws? Fuck it.