Thursday, January 19, 2012

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Rubber (2011)

Rubber is a movie that is completely aware of its badness. (Not a movie about a killer condom. That would be this movie) It's so aware of it's badness that it even tries to kill itself at one point in the movie. It fortunately fails and I’m happy that it did.

Rubber is a movie about a killer…tire. Oh yes, that just proves that we really HAVE NOT seen it all. And the tire’s name is Robert. (HAHAHAHA!!) Who has telekinetic powers. So basically it’s car tire with the ability of a scanner.


This is currently on Netflix Instant and available everywhere on DVD. Fuck this review, go watch it now. Trust me. It’s awesome.

This movie starts out with a guy walking up to the camera and giving the audience a message about nonsense in movies. The camera pans off and we see the “real” audience…a bunch of people sitting on a hill watching the killer tire through binoculars. The movie constantly switches from the sweet tire action (aka the movie) to the crowd of spectators (aka the audience). And the spectators comments mirrored my thoughts almost exactly, trying to make sense of the motivations of a murderous tire. It's so awesome I want to cry.

The tire itself is pretty pissed that its all alone in the desert. So it makes its way towards the road…blowing up small animals on its way. (It starts small like with tin cans and stuff but it eventually works its way up to blowing up a rabbit, it's just so fucking awesome) Then, all of a sudden, it is hit by a passing truck and decides that that fucker needs to die. So he goes around blowing people up left and right.

The amount of explosions is just so awesome. You’ll be cheering wildly every 5-10 minutes. The time between explosions is spent awkwardly watching the audience as they watch the movie. (This is fucking hard to write out. I hope you understand it.) And it is at one point that this movie tries to kill itself. It does so by sending a character up with some food for all the participants but one in particular says he's not hungry and doesn't eat it. Shortly after, everyone dies except this man. He's a little smarter than this movie and he saw it coming. But, he wants to see the ending. So while all the people IN this movie try to wrap it up and go home, they are forced to continue because there is still an audience for it. So they scramble to continue and finish their story of Robert, the killer tire. And the man in the audience that survives is none other than:

So, the movie continues and we witness many more amazing tire related deaths. And then it comes to a violent and awesome end. I don’t want to give any of it away but it ends exactly the way that it should. Confusing, hilarious, and lusting for more.

And setting itself up for a sequel. (YYYESSS!!!)

Why? No reason.

This philosophy of filmmaking is absolutely brilliant. You don't really see it coming. You just see random things happening, an epic speech, something odd, but it all comes together so well. This movie is too smart for its own good. I just love the way this movie is presented. This could have just been another plain old "Tire on the loose" movie but no. The writer took it further and gave it a mind. This movie knows things about itself. It knows it exists and that it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It knows that we're watching. It knows that it's ridiculous. It knows these things but it tells it to you with a straight face. That's the important part. This movie talks to you directly but never once does it seem like it's a joke. These characters know what they are and what they're doing. No fucking around. That's why this movie is so good. It's absurd, it's crazy, and it tries to make sense of itself WITH you.


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  1. I really enjoyed this one too. Magnet had a big year with this one, Tucker and Dale, and Hobo.