Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: 2011 Summary and Statistics Page

Another wonderous Halloween has come and gone. This year proved to be not only the most challenging experience I've ever put myself through but also one of the best. I managed to sit through 31 movies that I would have almost never had sat through otherwise. And on top of the Countdown to Insanity, I also participated in a facebook game where you get points for watching horror movies. This years theme was Slasher Movies. I didn't follow the Slasher genre as close as I had hoped that I would but after getting my ass sliced off and handed to me on a silver platter in Week 1 & 2, I just decided the hell with it and just go ahead and put a dent in the huge wall of movies that I have bought but not watched. (You can check out my journey through The Madness in Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.)

As I was going over the month's totals, I started jotting down a bunch of statistics. During the month of October 2011 I watched a total of 95 movies. That's a total of 8540 minutes or 142.33 hours of film. That is an average of 89 minutes a movie (my kinda movie!). There are 744 hours in the month of October and I spent 19.13% of that time watching movies or roughly 1/5 of all the available time in October was spent watching movies. That's pretty impressive considering 1/4 of it was spent sleeping, 1/3 of it was spent working or driving to work, and the rest was split between family and friends. Of all the movies I watched, I watched 53 on DVD, 3 on Bluray, 19 on VHS, 12 on Netflix Instant, 2 in the theatre, and 6 were rented from Netflix or Blockbuster.

Of all the movies I watched, the one's that blew me out of the water, one's that I absolutely can no longer live without are: Trick 'r Treat, The Hitcher, The Manitou, Mammoth, Prom Night 3, and Nailgun Massacre. Trick 'r Treat will now by my all time favorite go-to Halloween movie. The Hitcher is one that I will be watching over and over again. Rutger Hauer is god.

Then on the other side of the coin, of all the movies I watched this year, the one's I want ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH EVER AGAIN include: Zombie Nation, Diary of a Cannibal, Curse of the Zodiac (All 3 of these are Ulli Lommel, I learned something valuable this year and that is to STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM LOMMEL AS POSSIBLE), Strip Club Slasher (Such an epic MN letdown), and the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Holy fuck did that movie continuously piss me off.

And finally, the greatest statistic of them all, averaging out to 8 kills per movie, (Alone in the Dark having the highest at 40 and Sideshow having the lowest with 0) the grand total of deaths I witnessed this October is:

WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I made my goal of seeing over 500 deaths. And then my second goal of 750! God bless America.

And now, for your retro-viewing pleasure, I present to you The 13 Baddest Days of Halloween 2011: Countdown to Insanity. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone who followed along all month. It was a pleasure destroying myself for you. Why? Because I'm fucking hardcore, that's why! Also, thanks to everyone who is reading this now and who is checking out the countdown long after it's over with.

And there's nothing to worry about. The lady in the parking lot of the Sanitarium was very willing to give up her vehicle the day I escap....err uh....the day they let me go.


  1. Nice job with all the statistical information here. You are better at keeping up with this sort of stuff than I :)

    I still need to post my 31st movie(s) but I did complete the whole challenge. Yay for both of us!

  2. Although however much you were pissed off by the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, did you at least find the great Jackie Earle Haley to be a fine replacement for Robert Englund?

  3. Jenn - my stats aren't the greatest. Especially with Kills. I know I missed a shitload. But that's ok, the one's I did mark are the good ones :D

    Chris - Actually, no. When I first heard HE was going to replace Englund I was actually really excited. After Watchmen I figured he had the role down pat. But watching him on the screen, he didn't do anything for me. I didn't think he was scary, funny, menacing, or anything. He sent no chills up my spine. I hated the fact he was a molester now, I didn't like his face makeup (OR his CGI face), he just never really had a presence on screen.

    I don't think this is Jackie's fault though. I think it's the director. The people who put this movie together are morons. IF they would have tried to be original I might have even liked this movie but they just tried copying set scenes from the original (girl getting dragged up the wall and shredded, the bathtub scene, freddy poking out of the wall) and they just failed EVERY TIME. If they would have NOT done that and just done their own thing, GREAT! But they were trying to outdo the original and that's where it lost me.

    Just take Freddy, take the mythos, his strengths, his weaknesses, put in some new teens, and your good to go. There's no reason to photocopy the original. Fuck that.