Thursday, May 17, 2012

There's one of those creepy garden gnomes running around killing people awesomely in KILLER GNOME!

So I was tooling around the internet yesterday and I somehow managed across this amazing treasure. We all knew that someone would make a movie like this one day. But...but...who knew it would be this wonderful?

Life is going along pretty well for Brad and Penny until Brad brings home a smiling gardengnome. According to legend, the gnome will protect their garden, but this gnome is different. An innocent gift turns into a murderous nightmare as the pint-sized killer takes protecting the garden to a terrifying, relentless extreme.
From Chaos! Comics founder Brian Pulido (creator of Lady Death and Evil Ernie) comes a mischievous, suspenseful shocker.
Holy shit! This is a comic too!?

No news on when this will be out on DVD. I'll be sure to let you know the second this becomes available.

(Please bad movie gods...please let this turn into Killer Gnome vs Leprechaun. Please Please Please!!)


  1. I'd be interested to check out that comic. Brian Pulido has done some great shit.

  2. How about Killer Gnomes vs Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS! Or Kg vs Jet Jaguar, KG vs Bruce Lee in New Guinea (take away the gnones, and that's actually the title to a real movie!...A movie that features neither Bruce Lee or New Guinea!)

  3. Or Killer Gnomes vs Pierre Kirby! The world would explode out of sheer awesomness! And after all, Pierre Kirby has fought ninjas, gangsters, human traffickers, military, satanic cults, and a giant snake! Supernatural enemies are the next frontier for him to face for sure!

  4. HAHAHA That ALL sounds awesome.