Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New "Found Footage" movie coming! Area 407 (There's fucking dinosaurs)

Oh great, another "Found Footage" movie. *makes offensive jerk off hand motion*

Wait a minute: This one has fucking dinosaurs!? *hand goes in pants*

How many of these stupid fucking movies did we have to go through before they FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT! I don't care, this movie is gonna kick ass. I love dinosaurs. And I can't wait to see some first person velociraptor mauling.

(The picture up there says Tape 407 but the trailer is for Area 407. I assume it just changed but whatever. I need this movie.)

This is opening in limited theatres and VOD April 27th.


  1. Heh. That trailer kinda gave me some Carnosaur flashbacks! Meeurggh.

  2. I was having the same thoughts :D

  3. "Do you really have to tape everything?" How many people can possibly have this obsession?

    That said, with secret government dinosaurs, this can only be awesome.