Friday, April 27, 2012

The Bad Movie Battle Royale "King of the Ring" Championship!

It's been a long week everyone. We're all tired. The BMBR has probably overstayed it's welcome (and it's extending into the middle of next week) but we're closing in on the part that really matters. The Championships. Today we see Robowar vs Girlfriend From Hell. Robowar is the obvious choice for winner. He really hasn't even pulled out the big guns yet, and he's a god damn robot! But Girlfriend From Hell has been quite impressive so far. Who ever saw her getting this far? And the thought of a woman contender winning the Royale is pretty awesome. We are all about equal opportunity badness around here. The ladies can be just as terrible as the men. That being said, let's finish what we started. This is...

Highlight the following paragraph to see my comments.

Wow. Girlfriend From Hell did it. She fucking did it. How? Who knows. She is pretty bad and I can honestly say that she deserves the title of supremely bad by comparison to the rest of the roster. She's fun, she's crazy, she's tried to run down a pack of nuns. That's pretty bad folks. You all should try to find a copy of her and give her a watch, a decision you will not regret. There's plenty to love about her and plenty to despise. (like winning this). It was sad to see so many greats get kicked out early and it was even harder to see favorites get bumped off when they were so close to glory. But this is only one championship of 3. Next week join me as these contenders duke it out in the Iron Circle in a Royal Rumble style match up. Everyone will enter the ring and beat the shit out of each other. The last one standing will continue to the Bad Movie Battle Royale Championship match to see just WHO is the baddest. So until next week, I hope you've enjoyed the tournament...there's more to come.


  1. Don't worry, the Bad Movie Battle Royale sure as hell hasn't overstayed it's welcome! I'm eagerly awaiting each installment!

    And as for Machine Head, it's not great but it is fun, from the overacting, to the 'Machine Head' himself (who gets a hilarious part in the film's last third, where the main character guy just vanishes for 20 minutes and MH wanders around the town, de-limbing people, going into a bar and drinking, killing patrons, etc.)

  2. I have to confess that I bought that movie right after we first talked about it. I haven't seen it yet and after hearing this mini description I need to see that. :D Can't wait! Thanks.

    And thanks for checking out the Royale! It was fun to sit there for like 4 hours recording this whole thing.

  3. Holy shit that was awesome. Unbelievable. I don't think any of us expected this outcome, but Girlfriend was fucking scary. I love how Robowar apparently learned the skullfucking move from Poolboy! And a lot of these battles were TOTALLY fanfic. Can't wait until next week!

  4. Dig-diggity-DAMN that was fun! Finally got caught up today and I have to say that if Girlfriend and Poolboy don't meet up next week then you have to promise (PROMISE!) that there'll be a special death match between those two when it's all done. I mean can you imagine the unhinged sadistic VIOLENCE that would erupt between those two!? That shit'll get REAL, yo.

  5. What a massive upset! Who'd'a thunk Robowar could be bested? Great stuff.

  6. VINCENT! That's a great idea! Next week I'll put a post to see what matches people would like to have seen!

    1. Neato! Can't wait : > You'll be all like, "VIEWER'S CHOICE, BITCHES!" and we'll be all like, "OH YEAH, MAN!! BRING THE PAIN!!"