Thursday, April 26, 2012

Round 3 of the Bad Movie Battle Royale! FINAL FOUR!

Welcome back to The Bad Movie Battle Royale. This is day 4 and I'm happy that you've stuck with it for this long. We're down to the final four contenders. Robowar vs Poolboy. The Wraith vs Girlfriend from Hell. There's 3 we were all pretty confident would go all the way and there's one BIG underdog in Girlfriend from Hell. I didn't see her getting this far, did any of you? Anyway, after today's matchups conclude, tomorrow will be the most elegantly spectacular King of the Ring championship match! And then next week we will wrap this thing up with the Royal Rumble and then of course...the Bad Movie Battle Royale championship match! (Plus the contest and a few other surprises) That being said, let's continue the Bad Movie Battle Royale shall we?

(Oh my god, this is actually happening)



  1. Wow! Robowar is fucking invincible! I wish I'd voted for him! haha! Although maybe Gamera will knock his way through King of the Ring and dominate Robowar like he's the several thousand Gayaos at the end of Awakening of Iris! (I'm comparing Robowar, not Gamera to those Gayaos, by the way).

  2. There's no doubt in my mind that Robowar could go all the way! Then again, there was no doubt that a lot of these movies could go all the way. It's a tough competition this year, and I'm hoping that Gamera can fire breathe his way to the top of the Rumble! I don't know how he could get thrown out because he could just fly right back into the ring!