Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Bad Movie Battle Royale CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!

It's all come down to this. One to rule them all. I've spent months watching and reviewing movies. I've spent several hours creating characters based off those movies. I've been teasing and teasing this thing all year. I've been hogging up my blog for 2 weeks presenting this thing to you but now...we're here. The Bad Movie Battle Royale CHAMPIONSHIP! Our fighters have gone through hell and high water to be here. Who knew that THESE TWO would make it this far. Certainly not I! But these 2 contenders exceeded all expectations and proved themselves worthy. They are bad, they are brutal, and now they're here to see just WHO is the baddest of them all.

Keep it here tomorrow for a quick recap and a few bonus things for you. I'll be doing the drawing for the contest soon, probably sometime next week.

1 comment:

  1. Well, that was a really good match for the championship! A little back and forth, and finally a surprise reversal move thingy to win it all. Man, Rubber just kinda came outta nowhere, didn't he? I mean, who new a tire would have so much chutzpah?

    LOL, it was funny. My mind went back to your initial post about Rubber and I started to say things like, "Uh oh, looks like he's bounced back!" or "What is he? Steel-belted or something!?"

    Again, great fun with the Royale this year! You ROOL dude!! Can't wait for the exhibition matches : D