Friday, May 18, 2012

GUEST REVIEW: Eye of the Tiger (Full Movie) from Legend of Steen

Ladies and Gentlemen, your new favorite movie:

Now I would like all of you to welcome another dear friend of mine: Legend of Steen. After catching wind of Alcohol Paul's love for the last 20 minutes of this movie he took it upon himself to watch AND REVIEW this masterpiece. (I did as well) So please, put your hands together for the Legend of Steen!

The bad memory, shitty Review

The Legend of Steen

I sat down to watch this movie on a Facebook recommendation of Alcohol Paul, (who did a wonderful job reviewing the last 20 mins of the film,  you should go read it.)

The film opens to Gary Busey as Buck Something, a Vietnam vet who is getting out of prison after serving time for murder charges.  It opens to Busey as he and Tony Montoya are gathering their personal things just before being let go.  Tony Montoya, tells Buck Andrews that, he owes Buck his life for saving him in prison and should he need anything to call him.

Buck Rogers heads home to the local PD office as the Redneck, Racist, Sheriff is his parole officer.  The Sheriff along with his black Deputy, Danny Glover (who is about to retire, and is getting to old for this shit)   The Sheriff, Wilfred Brimley, tells our hero he should leave town, and if he doesn't the Sheriff Diabeetus will make sure it happens.  Black Deputy, Winston (from Ghostbusters)  is sad.

Duck Dodgers (of the 21st and a half century)  returns home to his wife and child.  Hugs, kisses and smoochy smoo.

The next day Muck returns to his job working construction.  (at this point in time I got up and missed some things)  Now it's night and Buck Buick is heading home, when he comes across a dirt bike gang led by Jeri Curl (who looks like Animal from Revenge of the nerds) and who appears to be John Cranston (Breaking Bad) trying to rape a local nurse. Buck comes to her rescue by revving his engine and tipping over a dirt bike, thus saving the princess.

A stupid woman from the news reveals Buck Hero's home address, and the evil dirt bike gang attacks the hero, killing his wife and sends his daughter into a coma. During this time we find out that the Sheriff is a BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy)  and is getting paid off by the super evil friends at their home base of bordertown (which we all know blaster master runs Bordertown)

Anyways this sets off a chain of events that has our hero Uncle Buck calling Tony Montoya, to get some help.  The Miami drug lord sends Buck, KIT (from knightrider) in truck form. Well Buck and retired deputy Al Sharpton use it to capture Jeri Curl (I think, I walked out again).   

While in the hospital an interesting way of explosives is used to find out the location (Bordertown) on Jeri Curl.  Having found out where his daughter is, Buck Reynolds, and partner Denzel Washington (Who apparently can fly a plain) rain down down fury upon the evil nasty dirt bike gang. 

This culminates to the the finish where the shittiest martial arts battle happens between Buck Marchini and Breaking Bad.

Recommendation: 4 out of 5 Ron Marchinis

Watch this flick for all the awesome 80s movies mashed into a P.O.S.

Gable here. All of this happens. All of this and so much more. It's really quite difficult to describe the vast epicness of this movie. It's so grand and crazy that you really have to experience. You're pretty much stepping into the mind of Gary Busey. They should've just called this Being Gary Busey: to the tune of Eye of the Tiger. It's THAT awesome.

Available on Netflix Instant and YouTube. GO NOW!


  1. There's also the part where Buck's wife (Glenn Close) gets killed by the bikers who harass everyone at the funeral and then DIG UP HER CORPSE and deposit it on the front lawn.

    I was so sad to see Super Truck blow up.

  2. Hey, Steen. The wife and I read your review immediately after watching the film and one word: HILARIOUS! What a great, tasty dessert to the amazing entree that was Eye of the Tiger!

    1. The Legend of SteenMay 26, 2012 at 1:39 PM

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast to watch and write about.