Thursday, May 17, 2012

There are A LOT of super hero ripoffs coming from Tom Cat Films.

I stumbled across these guys yesterday. I'd heard of them before when The Amazing Bulk was seeking distribution. Tom Cat picked it up. So when I did a follow up check on their website not only did I find that Killer Gnome movie I posted earlier but also all of these:

Iron Soldier is available on DVD already.

Thor just hit Netflix Instant a couple days soon. It's like Thor and Iron Man had a kid!

I know we've already talked about this one but it's totally worth another look.

No trailer for this one :(

I like that even in the world of B Movie Superhero ripoffs that they managed to combine them into a single movie. We got the Beetle chick and the Black Bat in Avenging Force. That's just awesome. Now they need to get The Amazing Bulk and Thor in there for Avenging Force 2: Avenge Harder.

You can find plot synopsis' and other amazingness over at the company website. I was on their Twitter yesterday and I'm pretty sure I read some more titles that are coming soon!

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