Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Bad Movie Battle Royale: ROYAL RUMBLE!!!

Welcome back everyone! Sorry this didn't happen yesterday, I had a hard weekend and was pretty much dead all day yesterday but TODAY I'm up, at it, and slamming coffee like a motherfuckin flopdrop. (What the hell is that?)

So, I was uploading these videos and somehow my account just magically made it so I could upload videos longer than 15 minutes, which is YouTube's maximum. That's good news for us because the RUMBLE goes significantly longer than that. So settle in, grab a beer, or just fast forward to the end, this is the Bad Movie Battle Royale ROYAL RUMBLE!

(The winner of the Rumble will face Girlfriend From Hell in an exhibition style match to see just WHO is the baddest of the bad.)

1 comment:

  1. For a minute there I thought Yor was gonna go the distance (good LORD can that man take a beating!) but no such luck.

    Heh, I predict the match between Girlfriend and Rubber to be short and decisive : > That tire just got lucky in the Rumble.

    Hey, thanks for all the continuing videos. Who knew watching a video game play itself could be so ding dang entertaining?!