Thursday, March 31, 2011

I tear the asterisk a new a*shole.

To further prove my point of how f*cking stupid the asterisks looks, this article has been censored.

This has been building for awhile. And its coming out now because I just read an article…on a HORROR WEBSITE where they censored the word A*S. Holy F*CK! Really? A*S is censorworthy? F*ck you.

All the time I’m on facebook and I see people put the f*cking asterisks in the middle of curse words. “F*ck me! I locked my dumb c*nt a*s out of my f*cking car again!” Oh really…asterisks. I have no f*cking clue what that sentence is. No way could F*CK possibly be anything other than F*CK.

Does the letter “U” offend anyone? Anyone out there, are you U-ist? Have you built up death cults in order to commit mass genocide against the letter U? “Oh F*ck. I’m so glad that “U” isn’t in there. Sh*t, it makes it so much more socially acceptable. It’s censored, so it’s ok. F*ck, we better add the letter “I” into your cult too…sh*t.”

Are people afraid that someone they know is going to catch them cursing on the internet? THE F*CKING INTERNET!? The internet is 3 things. Porn, Cats, and Curse words. Nothing else. Stop littering my internet with your asterisks. Your parents aren’t f*cking so stupid that putting an asterisk in there will fool them. They did have to f*ck to make you. Probably on dr*gs.

I can understand wanted to clean up your language. People have a reputation to uphold. I get it. They have standards (and kids) and really just want to present themselves in the best possible way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But using and asterisks in the words, F*ck, Sh*t, A*s, P*ss, B*tch, C*nt, G*y, R*pe, and Sl*t is not the way to go about it. Just say things like…oh darn or shoot! Twiddley dee…I’ve punctured my jugular. That will require medical attention. See, perfectly fine. No need to use the asterisks.

And further more. It requires 50% more EFFORT to type the asterisks. You have to f*cking reach over there and hit that shift key and then f*cking reach up there and hit the number 8 so that asterisks shows up and then you have to remember where the f*ck you are in the word to finish typing it. Really? You’ve wasted nearly 4 times as long just trying to censor your curse word rather than just saying something cleaner. I guess you could just reach over to the number keys and hit the “multiply” key, that’s only typing one f*cking key but then you’re moving your right hand off the home row and spending more time j*rking off your keyboard rather than just f*cking typing the curse.

So in short: Quit it. It’s stupid. You’re not fooling anyone. Everybody cruising the internet knows how to read. Even the porn sites have “words”. People got to know what they’re getting into before they click on it. (Very bad sh*t happens when you don’t) It doesn’t look good, you look like a stupid f*ck, and you’re not fooling anyone. We know what it is. You know what it is. Why use the asterisk? WHY? Society? Does it make you feel better? Well is shouldn’t.



  1. "The internet is 3 things. Porn, Cats, and Curse words. Nothing else."

    "Twiddley dee…I’ve punctured my jugular."

    Classic. Those are the two greatest lines I have read all month. Thanks for that.


  2. A few months ago I locked my dumb cunt ass out of my fucking car. Man, what a pain.

  3. My favorite thing is when someone tries to censor themselves and ends up typing "fu*ck". It happens a whole fucking lot.

    Also, I was permabanned from a medical transcription board once because I said someone sounded "pissed off", which they said was OMG profanity. I said that was silly and they responded that I had used profanity twice, the second time being the word "sexist" which has the word "sex" in it. I swear to you, some people just do not deserve to breathe.

  4. Wow. That is incredible. I think that story just killed some brain cells with how stupid those people are. I agree with you Stacia. Some people just need to quit.