Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rubber (that movie about a killer tire) coming to DVD/Bluray

Thanks to a friend of mine (FUCKING THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH CG) I had the opportunity to view this movie. And it was awesome. It's bizarre (obviously) but it does something that very few movies do. I'll be reviewing this movie in full soon but for now I'll just have you know that this movie KNOWS that it's a bad movie. And I loved it.

Plus the tire has telekinetic powers that enable it to blow up things/animals/people's heads. Fuck yeah.

Rubber hits DVD/Bluray on JUNE 7, 2011. Save that date. Buy it. Love it. (In the meantime, it should still be On Demand for your viewing pleasure)


  1. I debated on seeing this one On Demand via Amazon, but for $10 bucks, I think I can wait on the DVD. I've heard reviews both ways, but you seemed to like it huh?

  2. Since June is just a couple months away, I'd wait. It's worth the $10 IMO but you can probably own it on DVD for that price come June.

    I really liked it. It makes full use of its craziness with the tire AND there's a lot of other shit going on with the audience that's just fun. And its also got Wings Hauser bitches.

    People how give this a bad review need to take the stick out of their asses.

  3. I loves me some Mr. Oizo, (AKA Quentin Dupieux) his music is tits on a stick, AND he directed this?!!?!? Can't wait. I too am flat broke but I WILL find a way to see this.

  4. Dang. So many wonderfully fucked up movies, so little time.

  5. I know man. I'll never get to watch them all.