Monday, April 11, 2011

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (Shaun of the Dead remix #7)

I'm all about the Shaun of the Dead type of movies. SotD was so awesome that it made itself point of reference for every horror comedy from that moment forward. And here we go again with another SotD rendition of the slasher film: Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Starring Alan Tudyk. YES!

This is gonna be awesome. If this is just a handful of teens killing themselves in front of those hillbillies I can't fucking wait to see how the rest kill themselves. That's so awesome. And I really love Alan Tudyk. (Wash from Firefly) And this trailer looks amazing, even if it is a workprint trailer. I don't give a shit, there's enough laughs there to keep me interested. I just hope that they can speed up the killing at the beginning of the movie and not let it drag 45 minutes until something awesome happens.

But I'm sure the payoff would be worth the wait. It looks like this movie is currently making the rounds at festivals everywhere. It looks like they did that ALL last year. So hopefully they finish that up soon and get this shit on DVD. I need to see this movie.

Check out the official website for some bonus scenes and pictures. Thanks to AJC for the tip.


  1. Oh man thanks for reminding me about this one! I was tracking it waiting for it to come out, but then I got high.

  2. No, REALLY! I was trying to pull him OUT of the wood chipper!!