Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP: Charles Napier

Forget Steve Jobs, one of B Movies greatest gods has fallen. You know his face, and I bet if you read this blog you even know his name, Charles Napier passed away last Wednesday at the too-soon age of 75.

Check out some of his most memorable movies like: Rambo: First Blood Part 2, Blues Brothers, Austin Powers, Armstrong, and Ernest Goes to Jail (he played the Warden)

Fortunately before he died, he did a little horror movie called One Eyed Monster. (I suggest you track down a copy and enjoy it this Halloween season) This movie is about Ron Jeremy's cock. It gets possessed by an alien entity, breaks off, and kills people on the set of a porno movie in hilarious ways. Napier plays a 'Nam vet whose dealt with these peckers before. Behold, one of his last, and easily his GREATEST performance:

Gods be with Charles Napier. I'll never forget you.


  1. Charles Napier was a legend. He will be missed. Thankfully he made so much to remember him by.

  2. Charles Napier was so terrific. Everyone was all BAAAWWWW over Steve Fuckin Jobs like he was goddamn Edison and Einstein rolled into one, and they completely missed the passing of an amazing actor because of it. Fools, all of them.

  3. What's really surprising about Charles Napier is that he played the alien hippie in that hilariously ridiculous (is there any other kind) episode of original Star Trek!

  4. The Napier space hippie from Star Trek is one of THE top television memories currently burned into my brain. Gonna miss that guy :(

    Gable: Thanks for sharing the clip from One Eyed Monster. Gonna have to catch that flick in the near future.

  5. I echo those sentiments, the passing of Mr. Napier was very sad news. He had a good 20 movies left in him at least. Here's to you Charles Napier, you were one of the good ones.