Friday, July 29, 2011

We're so CLOSE to Thankskilling 2...

Oh Hai everyone. Mr. Gable here. I'd like to take a moment and remind you AGAIN about Thankskilling 2. There are SEVEN DAYS left to donate (and only 7 days left of me pestering you for money) and only $8,000 TO GO! WE'RE SO CLOSE! Tell your friends, tell your family, Thankskilling 2 needs to happen. NEEDS.

I know I'm quite irritating about this...but it's just something I believe in so strongly. Here, let me show you why:

That's roughly what $5000 and a whole lot of knee jobs gets you. Can you imagine what will happen if they had $100,000!!! So please please please donate some ching to the cause. For $5 the turkey will make fun of you on the DVD. YES! For $20 you'll get a copy of Thankskilling 1 AND Thankskilling 2 AND the turkey will make fun of you on the DVD. YES! YES! And there's a whole heaping pile of amazingness when you donate more than that. YES YES YES!!!!

Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend!

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