Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is driving me nuts. I've spent the last half hour searching all over the place because I've seen the bottom part of this poster somewhere before. The chick crawling on the ground. UUUGGGHHHHRRRR I fucking hate it. I think it used to be in my Netflix Instant Queue so I scrolled by it a lot but I just cleaned it out a little bit and I'm sure I dumped the movie with this poster and now I have no idea.

So long story short, I'm pretty sure this poster is ripped off.


Kate and her brother, Joel, have gathered their five best friends for a scenic RV road trip to their high school reunion. But their cross-country adventure is about to take an unexpected turn for the worst when an ancient curse takes wing by way of a massive creature. It’s called the Simuroc, and this gigantic bird of prey has found the perfect, helpless quarry in Kate and company. Stranded in the backwoods of the predator’s territory, there’s little chance for escape.

I see they have the required amount of black guys for a horror movie. GEEZ. It's like all horror movies have to have ONE and ONLY ONE black guy. And we all know he dies. Cliches are funny but this one has just gotten out of hand.

Anyway, Roadkill looks like it could be a lot of fun. If I've learned anything from my experience with Maneater Week it's that these movies get BETTER with time. They started out kinda "meh", it's ok. But now, they just DO. NOT. CARE. And that's how we love our movies here in the Reality.

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