Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Friday. Let's Celebrate!

Hey Everyone! Just a couple things I'd like to throw at you on this glorious Friday.

1. Remember tomorrow is the Netflix Instant Bad Movie Marathon Part 2: Texas Blood Money. We're watching 3 amazingly awful movies back to back and letting them know how terrible they are on Twitter. JOIN US! or Follow. Either way, it will be one hell of a night.

2. This looks really good.

3. I now have 40 wonderful followers. Just on this blog alone. My facebook page has a little over 30. And my Twitter page is growing exponentially with over 500 followers. This is in part to me just randomadding a fuckton of people and they auto-follow me. But that's cool. I've met a lot of cool people that way so it worked out for the better. And I don't feel so bad when we're raping newsfeeds during Twitterthons! So to ALL those that are following me...thank you. I can't believe this many people care what I have to say...or can tolerate my nonsensical shoutings at movies. I use "OH SHIT!" "AMAZING" "FUCK YEAH!" "YES!" and "THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER" a lot. Probably too much. I'm working on expanding my vocabulary. It's hard to use my brain after plugging it full of shit for this long. But anyway, thank you thank you thank you. I love posting things and waiting for your comments. I love thinking about new ways to involve all of you or different ways to torture myself for your entertainment. I've got a few new things lined up (like that fucking podcast. I need to get on that soon) and hopefully you'll be patient with me. It's summer and I'm busy. I'm doing the best I can to keep up so hopefully it isn't effecting the Reality toooo much. It doesn't look that way though...every month the Reality seems to continue to grow. In my stats I see the number of hits on my blog increases every month. I see that people are actually searching google for "mr. gable's reality" instead of "best nudity on netflix instant". So for all of that, I'm very happy with what I've accomplished here. I first started this blog as a way to express myself with my writing as well as being a filter for shitty movies. Little did I know that shitty movies are happening EVERY DAY. That's ok though, I love researching these things every morning and passing them on to you guys. That's how we do things here. That's why you're here. And I hope I can live up to the standards (hahahahaha) you come back for time and time again.

4. That being said. If there's any improvements, if I'm being really annoying in anyway, if you found a movie that I NEED to blog about, if you want to send me a screener copy (I love those), by all means email me and let me know.


This came out last Tuesday on DVD and Bluray. We all need to buy it and love it. It's from 1977 and features that fucking tank/truck/winmachine up in the poster.

5. I'm going to get more coffee and blog about a sasquatch movie.

6. Happy Friday everybody!


  1. SCREW STANDARDS! Don't change a thing! You're the one who got me to realize how much cooler HAHAHAHAHAHA is than LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHA makes you look like you forgot your straightjacket and LOL makes you look like you forgot your dentures.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA YES! If that isn't TRUTH spoken I don't know what is. We all gotta be missing a screw to do what we do. #badnetflix