Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reminder on Thankskilling 2

Thankskilling 2 still needs our help! Their campaign on Kickstarter is going...pretty well actually. But it's still a long ways away from their goal. They need $100,000 smackpops to make this thing and they're only about halfway there. Click the link below to pledge some money and help this movie get made! As of today, 7/19/11, we've only got 17 days left! Time is running out!

For $20 you get the original Thankskilling on DVD, the sequel on DVD, AND the insane turkey will make fun of your name in the DVD extras! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?

PLEASE DO THIS! If everyone pledges $20, not only do you get cool shit but we get a whole new movie! I really really want a sequel. We can do this. Thankskilling must live on. Who else is going to make a Thanksgiving based horror movie? Eli Roth? HA! Fuck that. We want vulgar turkey's killing naked chicks.

Also, feel free to link this page to everyone you know. Put it on facebook, on twitter, on that new Google+ I keep hearing about. EVERYWHERE! I think the major problem here is that the bird is the word: and the bird is still in the cage.

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