Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws (combining the power of 3)

Are you ready for Ghost Shark 2?

Alright, that is just a teaser. It doesn't show much. And it really avoids the REAL reason this movie is amazing. There are exactly THREE reason's I am salivating all over this movie. (4 if you include a ghost shark in the hood)

1. This movie stars George Hardy: The guy that played the dad in Troll 2.
2. This movie stars Juliette Danielle: The chick that played Lisa in The Room.
3. This movie stars Alan Bagh: The guy that played the lead in Birdemic.

That is THREE STARS from THREE of the WORST MOVIES EVER MADE....IN ONE FUCKING MOVIE! HOLY SHIT! This is going to be insane. I only thought this happened in dreams. This is awesome! Can you fucking believe this!? I need to see it. I hope to holy hell they are all in one scene together. That would be like the Expendables (the scene with Arnie, Sly, and Bruce) of Bad Movies.

I have a huge hardon right now. Sorry to be blunt but MAN! This is just too much for one Bad Movie lover to endure. And I have to WAIT! COME ON! Grace me with your presence already!

A quick look at the website has a few updates about going to festivals and stuff. Hopefully they make quick work of it cuz I need this. WHY ARE THESE KINDS OF MOVIES HEROINE TO ME! WHY!? I'm fucking shakin', I need my fix man. I NEED IT!

Alright calming down...

You can also find Ghost Shark 2 on facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. I'll be sure to update you with any new developments. This is the event of the YEAR!


  1. It's like The Expendables of bad film. So stoked on this.

  2. The only thing we can hope is that the Troll 2 dad tells Ghost Shark that he can't piss on hospitality.