Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tomorrow...epic special contender coming for the Bad Movie Battle Royale

I just wanted to chime in and let you know a special contender will be reviewed tomorrow. This guy is incredible in his awesominity. He is one character that could turn the tables on the whole thing. He defies the laws of existence and has more stamina than an army of robotic strippers.

He came to me and told me that he wanted in on this Royale. He told me that he's going to win this thing. I looked at him and said, "You got it, kid." So I'm giving him a shot and I know all of you out there want this. I know you want this so much so that I need to prepare you ahead of time. You just might faint.

So keep it here tomorrow to read all about your next contender. Back from the dead, dressed in black, and righting wrongs.


  1. I hope for the universe's sake that you're not talking about a magician name Daniel or a guy who writes poems about humping trash while wearing a maid's dress! haha!

  2. haha sadly no. But they should be!

    And don't anybody read into the new header of vader and my vague description of tomorrows special contender. It's not Darth Vader...but thinking about it fucking should be.

    That's ok though, I'm pretty sure tomorrow's special contender can take Vader in a fight. They look pretty similar. Black outfit, Helmet.

  3. The Overlord from Yor? His Darth Vader-ish servants? Bollywood Freddy Krueger? Well I know for sure that he's going to be awesome!...and yeah, there is a Bollywood Nightmare on Elm Street!...Actually there's two! And you can be sure that they redo the tongue-tied and bed-sucking scenes!

    (I'd have had a review of them both up already, but I have to wait for May, because of May Monster Madness!)

    1. Thanks to this I've discovered an entire line of Turkish ripoff movies. Like the raping crime lord Spider-Man vs Captain America. WHOA!

  4. Holy shit that's awesome. I'm so glad I know you.