Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You can't fool me people who makes bad horror movie posters! I caught you!

Twas last July when I had a post about the movie Roadkill. A new Maneater movie. I have since watched that movie and added it to the pile of made for SyFy movies I love. In the opening paragraph I complained that I had seen parts of the poster before. I had skimmed past it somewhere in my travels and today...I found it.

HAHA! I KNEW IT! That's the same chick in both of them. Sure, there's a little photoshop magic at work here with different clothes and blood but that's definitely the same chick.

But my mind is still not at ease. I'm almost certain Absentia is NOT the movie I was thinking about that had this chick on the cover. The reason I think this is because Absentia came out on DVD yesterday. So there's a very real possibility that these 2 are not the only covers to feature this struggling beauty.

Poor girl, she's been attacked by giant vultures and shadowy smoke people, LEAVE HER ALONE BAD HORROR MOVIES! LEAVE HER ALONE!

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  1. Haha, that is ridiculous! She is always getting in trouble with Roadkill or some sort of demon.