Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warwick Davis has better ideas for the Leprechaun franchise than the people that are making the Leprechaun franchise.

It was reported about a week ago that WWE Pictures was going to do a remake of the original Leprechaun. Here's what Warwick David, the guy that plays the Leprechaun, had to say about that:

"I think it would be a shame to remake the original Leprechaun film. It is a cult classic," Davis said. "It should not be touched in the same way they should not have remade Psycho. I think there is a lot more to explore with the character, so that should be done with a sequel."

To which he continued to say:

"I pitched the 'Lep vs. Pirates' idea to Johnny Depp while we were shooting 'Life's Too Short'," Davis explained. "He didn't say much. There is so much potential for the character. I think a road movie would be fun. The Lep is best when encountering different types of people. I'd also like to see a female Leprechaun - she's even meaner though and makes the original leprechaun seem soft. I'd love to play her too!"

Warwick, you just shot up my bad-o-meter 20 points. YOUR A GENIUS! See Hollywood, the possibilities are fucking endless when it comes to the Leprechaun. Just quit being a bunch of whiny bitches and pit Leprechaun vs Jack Sparrow and then Jack is holding a woman Leprechaun hostage for ransom. GOLD. That movie is pure gold. And why stop there? Lep vs Dinosaurs. Lep in Space II. Lep vs the Lepracy people. Lep vs The Evil Army of Fuzzy Skelotonians!

Make this happen Hollywood. We've already seen the original. And it's ONLY awesome because Jennifer Aniston is in it. It's just hilarious because she is where she is now. You'll never be able to capture that kind of charm again.

Source. Dread Central.


  1. To the uninitiated, Leprechaun on the Seven Seas would sound completely absurd!...But people like us know better, since we've seen him batling robotic space marines and mad spider scientists! I love the Leprechaun series!

  2. Could you imagine Leprechaun vs Lou Ferrigno!? Lep vs Sinbad or Lep vs Hercules. Or Lep vs Sinbad vs Hercules!? and a special appearance by the Hulk!? AND THEN HIS BEST FRIEND REB BROWN (see the movie Cage) WOULD SHOW UP AND KILL EVERYONE WITH HUGE GUNS!?!?!?!?!?

    Wow. That would be awesome.