Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The FP is gonna OWN you!

Sometimes in movies people do good things and other people do absolutely batshit crazy things. This is one of those batshit crazy things. THE FP is what happens when you take the post apocalypse, like say Mad Max, and combine it with the ever popular arcade game, Dance Dance Revolution. What happens is unadulterated WIN!

Be warned, there's titties in this trailer. (for a brief second)

Can't. Stop. Loving. This. TRAILER!

This movie proves 2 things: 1, In the apocalypse Ford Taurus' will survive and 2, Everyone has decided that instead of kickboxing the shit out of each other like Jean Claude Van Damme, they've decided a more civilized form of ass whooping: Dance Dance Revolution Muhfuckas.

I can not WAIT to see the training montage in this movie. Those fucking tires are gonna get PWND. I love training montages so much. This movie is going to have an epic montage. Fuck yes.

I still can't believe someone made this movie. I really wish I could track down the filmmakers and buy them a beer. You know these bastards are awesome. Because really, this is like one of those concepts that are invented at a party. Everyone's drinking, someone has their PS3 version of Dance Dance. Then someone mentions Mad Max and then someone else is like holy shit! Wouldn't that be awesome if Dance Dance was the kickboxing of the apocalypse. HAHAHAHA Like the way disputes are settled in Robot Jox, with giant robots? HAHAHAHA We need to make this movie.

And then they follow through for SEVERAL MONTHS, never losing sight at the epicness of Dance Dance of the Apocalypse. Amazing.

I can't thank Tromeric at Guts and Grog enough for introducing me to this movie. I can't wait for it to come out. Speaking of: I can't find any information on where this thing is currently. That trailer up there was for SXSW, so I assume it's making some rounds at conventions. Hopefully we'll see this shit by year end. We need this. It's the movie we never knew we wanted.


  1. I love this trailer so much I had to MST3K it.

    0:10 - "Hey, you get that ridiculously tiny eyepatch to cover that hole in your head yet?"
    0:12 - "Why am I dressed like a construction worker? They said I needed to raise the roof."
    0:15 - Yeah, that sounds a little gay.
    0:22 - Yup, definitely gay.
    0:25 - DOH! Caught lipsyncing again.
    0:37 - Yes. Yes, it is.
    0:38 - I see your problem right there. You can't dance in boots that weigh more than you do.
    1:00 - Unexpected? Death by Dance Dance Revolution, UNEXPECTED?
    1:12 - Carrying a little dude who talks funny on your back while you train? George Lucas is definitely going go to sue.
    1:37 - After the apocolypse, the cockroaches will drive Ford Taurus's.
    1:43 - Be all the nigga you can be, white boy.
    2:07 - Poppin' craps... er, CAPS.
    2:10 - A little creamer for her coffee?
    2:23 - "We sleep together." Soooooo gay.

  2. From now on I vow to blog with MY MIND not my feet!

  3. MD: All I have to say is HAHAHAHAHA THAT'S AWESOME!

    Vincent: Oh yes, we can all learn a lot from this trailer. You should try DRAWING with your feet and now your mind. lol. It'll be just a bunch of swirls on the page.