Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking Requests...

Here at MGR I like to get all y'all involved. No matter how, I just like to work WITH you rather than FOR you. So, that being said. Who wants to torture me?

Pick a movie, any movie, and I will watch it this Friday and review it. I don't care. DO YOUR WORST. Anything on Netflix Instant guarantees availability to me.

Movies like:

Ticked Off Trannies with Knives
Stupid Teenagers Must Die!
Cheerleader Ninjas

All of these and anything else is fair game. ANYTHING. (You don't even have to stick to the horror/SciFi genres if you don't want to) I'll take all suggestions into account and determine the worst of the bunch. (Maybe I'll post a poll Wednesday) Come at me, what do you got? What would you like me to sit through so you can hear ALL about it next week.

What is it?


  1. Actually, I forgot that I might be busy Friday so I may bump this up to Wednesday. I will know more later.

  2. The Breaks (1999). Available on Instant watch.

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  4. Sorry, I meant Baby Geniuses(1999), also on Netflix Instant

  5. I remember seeing Baby Geniuses when it first came out. It was terrible then. I assume it has NOT grown on me. Now if the SEQUEL was on Instant I'd be tempted because the last time I checked IMDb, that was the WORST MOVIE in their entire database.