Thursday, June 23, 2011

Announcing MANEATER Week 6/27-7/1

Fourth of July weekend is coming fast and you know what that means: Epic Monsters eating people. Help celebrate the start of this amazing weekend with a week FULL of outdoor bloodening murderousness!

Feel free to participate in any way you wish: Quite a few of the above movies are on Netflix Instant ready for viewing. (Or fuck it, watch anything where men are getting eaten: Like Tremors or Carnosaur 2)

As for myself, I will be watching 4 movies contoured to 4 aspects of outdoor fun: Boating, Hiking, etc. So if there's any reason you decide to do any of these things over the Fourth of July'll have reason to think twice. Then on Friday I will present to you a brand new pitch for the Maneater series. Something so amazing that SyFy is (probably) already salivating to make it. (That'd be cool wouldn't it?)

So get ready friends, Maneater week gets going Monday. Eat them before THEY. EAT. YYOOOUUU!!!


  1. Hell yeah!

    I have to admit that I'm a newb to the Maneater series. I've known about it since they first came out but I just keep looking at them like they were just flashy trash.

    AND THEY ARE! I LOVE IT! Watched my first one last night. I'm such a fool.

    (I also updated the link to the Maneater website above. I forgot to post it this morning. They have a REALLY COOL website, check it out)