Friday, June 3, 2011

The greatest dinosaur movie in the new Millenium.

I can't believe I kept passing this up.

Look at that poster. Really look at it. I’m sure we’ve all come across this movie at the rental store (when there was rental stores) several times and I’m also sure that we’ve all been like…that looks like shit. Honest to god, a huge steaming 2-story tall pile of cattle shit. But it has Jeff Fahey in it so maybe it won’t be so bad…but still, that T-Rex looks an awful lot like a photoshop of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. WHAT DO I DO? And then you glance over at the “F”s and see there’s the latest Fast and the Furious movie sitting there and you’d rather sit through 90 minutes of pointless car chases and close up butt shots then chancing it with old Photo-Rex over there.

But then, then you come to my blog. And I set you straight. I have NOT seen this movie. Actually I’ve only seen roughly 1 MINUTE of this movie (below) but I’m CONVINCED that we all need to see this masterpiece.

Now, looking at that poster, my first thought is, “This looks like it came from SyFy. This is probably like all the rest of that SyFy made for TV shit that is full of terrible acting, stupid dialogue, and BAD BAD BAD CGI.” And I’m sure that’s what you’re all thinking too. (and for all I know, it is a SyFy movie)

But we would be WRONG. (about the CGI) Not ONLY does this movie have practical effects but it has probably the greatest T-Rex I have EVER SEEN in a B movie. I mean, this thing is truly horrifying. So horrifying that your balls will recoil in terror.

If you know me then you know that I love practical effects, no matter how cheesy. I’d rather sit through an entire movie full of shit props then have to deal with computer generated images.

Enter: The EdenFormula. Directed by John Carl Buechner, the mastermind behind the original Troll. Starring Jeff Fahey, Tony Todd, and Dee Wallace: Bad Movie Legends at their finest. (although sadly, this clip does not show Jeff Fahey or Tony Todd…so I can only assume they are dead prior to this scene)

Enjoy the fuck out of this. Have yourself a GREAT FRIDAY! We’ll see you HERE (actually on Twitter) TOMORROW NIGHT for the first ever joint triple-billed BAD MOVIE TWITTERTHON!!! (starting at 8:30e/7:30c/6:30m/5:30p time)

 I need to own this movie.

Check out the trailer here. It looks amazing, kinda like it rips off Carnosaur 2, which rips of Aliens. (Actually in some circles this movie is referred to as Carnosaur 5 because it rips off footage from the Carnosaur trilogy) YES!


  1. How have I not seen this? I love Dinos and John Carl Buechler so much. Ghoulies 3 and Miners Massacre are both masterpieces and of course Troll.

  2. That first paragraph is why I'm a loyal follower. You've still got it, man! : )

    See you tonight!

  3. Thanks Vincent! I've been kinda worried as of late that I've been losing my touch. I've been rushing a lot of's been pretty shitty around here for awhile. I was counting on the trailers making up for it :D

    I gotta step it up. Starting TONIGHT!

  4. This looks hilarious! Love Jeff Fahey!

  5. That looks so fantastic, I'll have to check it out. Was that Dee Wallace Stone?

  6. Yes, yes it was :D All the more reason to see this movie.