Thursday, June 2, 2011

REB BROWN IS BACK!! Night Claws Trailer is HERE!!!

I can't contain my excitement for this movie. (So much so that I've already blogged about this once before) FUCKING REB BROWN IS BACK! (This is epic because he hasn't been in a movie for over a DECADE) Along with Ted Prior, star of Deadly Prey! AND FRANK STALLONE! Fuck yes. This movie is definitely one that should be on your radar. It's going to be so amazingly bad:

The director of Deadly Prey is also the same director of this movie. And if this movie is anything like that movie: there's going to be well over 50 people dead by the end of this thing. I believe in David A Prior. He knows what we want, especially when it comes to Sasquatch movies. No story, no plots, just 90 minutes of Bigfoot TERROR! And god willing: A Reb Brown/Sasquatch boxing match.

Please someone give Reb Brown and automatic weapon. Amazing things happen when he has an automatic weapon.


  1. OH SHIT! You better get your movie meter some negative numbers.

  2. From the looks of the trailer this promises to be more like Day Claws. Also, Reb was shown in a fist fight type of scene so hopefully your wish will come true if that theme continues throughout the movie.

  3. Yeah, like Reb gets done pummeling that guy and the sasquatch walks in behind him so he just shrugs his shoulders and goes fisticuffs with it. fuck yeah.