Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cyborgs do battle with Dracula in: MANBORG

This is all teaser at this point but it's enough to poke my head over the cubicle walls.
The film is about a soldier who gets killed fighting in a war against hell only to come back as a cyborg in the future. He then teams up with a crew of colorful characters to fight Dracula. There’s going to be stop-motion monsters, arena battles, and hoverbikes! And kung-fu and demon-nazi-vampires.

This needs to be in my DVD player like yesterday.

This looks like they took everything that makes bad movies bad, whether they be 80s or today, and made this movie. Cheesy acting, bad effects, bad CGI, bad stop motion, HOLY FUCKING SHIT. This movie had better not try too hard or its gonna suck. For now...I will wait eagerly for its release.

Check out the official website for less information than you see here. But there's more posters!

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  1. With stop-motion animation like that, it would have to try pretty hard to suck to actually suck! Here's hoping they pull it off. That website is classic, too. Thanks for finding this one!