Friday, September 16, 2011

Own a piece of Panman for only $10!! (and help out a great cause)

A few weeks ago I started the "Help Panman fight Breast Cancer" fund. We've received some funds from all you generous bad movie freaks but we need just a little bit more. If we reach a goal of $200 Panman himself will battle breast cancer specifically for Reality readers!

But we've only got ONE WEEK LEFT!  
(Deadline is September 23rd)

I've been talking with Panman and since we're on the homestretch for the event, we've decided to PAN THOSE PRICES IN HALF! That's right!

If you donate $10, you will receive a signed picture of Panman! 

(And to be fair to those who've already donated, you will receive 2. I will be in contact with you soon to see who you want them made out to)

Get in on the Panman Pandemic before the general public gets its hands on this. Be the first to say: I was part of the Panman army LONG before anyone else. (We'll be GENERALS!) And help out a good cause. This is what it's all about friends. We are the brothers and sisters of bad. We look out for our own.

Thank you.

Click here for all the details on the fundraiser. You can either donate to me below and I will forward it to Panman along with all your details or you can donate right to the breast cancer fund. If you do that be sure to include your name and address and state somewhere that you were referred by Mr. Gable.

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