Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It was over a year ago when I was asked by Mafia Headhunter Jamie Jenkins to be a writer for The Chainsaw Mafia. At that time I was really excited to write and really pumped to throw out my...ummm...unique perspective on all things horror.

That request is why I am here now. I was SO excited to get going that I just couldn't wait for the website to get redesigned and ready rock and roll, so I started my own. Just a little side project to keep myself motivated and hone my writing skills. And those skills...have crashed down to a mere "HOLY SHIT THAT'S AWESOME!" writing style.

Which, in all honesty, IS fucking awesome.

BUT! The Chainsaw Mafia is BACK! It's alive and it wants to eat all of you...but not before disemboweling you a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So welcome back the Mafia and say hello to their newest writer:


**And don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.


  1. Looks like the annual zombie onslaught is starting early this year!

    That's not bad at all, dude. Seriously, you've got that large jaw bone which makes you look like a particularly menacing flesh-eater!

  2. HOLY SHIT SHANNON LARK! You were just near my neck of the woods for Mediatrix! I only know that because I met Corey at Evil Bong 3D about a month prior to shooting. I got Incest Death Squad 1 & 2 from him, waiting for October to watch them :D

    And thanks for putting Jamie in charge over there. She's amazing!