Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panman needs YOUR HELP! (a MGR exclusive fundraiser)

Do you remember Panman? The movie about that guy that puts a pan on his head and murders people in food school? If you've been around here at all this year than I'm sure you've heard me go on and on about how amazing it is.

You can also read a review here and here.

But what I would like to talk to you about for a moment is something of a more serious matter. Panman's mom has breast cancer. Times are tough, bills are high, and they're going to be holding a fundraiser to raise some money to help her through this time. Here is the deal:
Roberta McBrine Pilleri, a lifelong resident of Medford, and graduate of Medford High School class of 1970, was diagnosed in 2009 with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Her treatment is ongoing and has consisted of hormone therapy, infusion therapy, adjuvant therapy, and most recently, neurosurgery and radiation treatment. Throughout the duration of her treatment Roberta has continued to be positive and amazingly strong, proving to be an inspiration to all of us. She is known for her generosity and loving support for everyone around her. Join us on September 30th to show Roberta that it is her turn to be the recipient of such generosity and support.
(If you happen to be in the MA area and wish to GO to the event, tickets are for sale)

I've been talking with my good friend Alcohol Paul and we both agree that we've spent so much money and time getting Thankskilling 2 funded that we should really put our efforts into a good cause...


...which is where you come in. I've been talking with Panman and we've worked out a deal. He's going to kill me unless I can raise $200. SO EVERYONE PLEASE LISTEN!

Panman is a generous guy. You'll come to understand that after you've seen the movie. He's so generous in fact that if you donate we'll get cool stuff!

  • If you donate $20, Panman will send you a signed photo of himself. This is an extremely rare opportunity to get in on the Panman craze before it hits.
  • And when we reach our goal of $200, Panman will personally film a short movie where PANMAN KILLS BREAST CANCER TO THE HULK HOGAN THEME MUSIC!


Panman is god.


You can do one of 3 things:

1. You can donate RIGHT HERE:

Just click that button to donate money to me and I will transfer it to Panman prior to the event. Include your address if you are donating $20 or more so you can receive your signed photo.

2. You can go to the Facebook Fundraising page and go through their donation process. Be sure to include your address if you are donating $20 or more and be sure to let them know you are donating through Mr. Gable's Reality so you can receive your signed photo.

3. You can go ahead and just mail them a check.

Checks should be made payable to 
"Friends of Roberta McBrine Pilleri" and mailed to:
 c/o Nicole Pilleri
39 Everett Street
Medford, Ma 02155

And be sure to put in the memo "Mr. Gable's Reality" and a note with your address on it to receive your signed photo.

You have until September 23rd to donate. That is a week before the event. This will give me time to gather everything and get it off before the event. If you have any questions or you forgot to leave your address, please email me at mrgablesreality(at)


We do a lot of shit around here. Some good, a lot of it bad. It feels pretty good to get crazy about something that'll actually change someone's life, knowhaddamean! We have the power. We are the brothers and sisters of bad, we help our own. Please donate if you can. It doesn't have to be $20, $1 is fine. $5 is fine. Either way, I'm sure I can talk him into including your name in the video. We can do this. $200. That's it. And then Panman will personally kill breast cancer for all of us.

To the Hulk Hogan theme song...exclusively for Mr. Gable's Reality. That's totally worth seeing.

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  1. Who knows...when this movie makes it to DVD, maybe this epic video will make the DVD extras and we can all say we made that happen.